How to enable Bluetooth connection between BlackBerry 10 device and your PC.

1. Pair your phone with PC with Bluetooth

Just do as that you do for your Bluetooth phone, etc,. to PC. For more instructions, see this page("How To - Bluetooth connection
)( Then you can see your BlackBerry 10 device on your PC:

2.  Install Quicker SMS 5 BlackBerry client program

You can easily install Quicker SMS 5 to your phone by searching "Quicker SMS" on BlackBerry World.

Then run it and accept all permissions request.


3. Install Quicker SMS PC client program

Download Quicker SMS 5 from If it is a zip package, you can use 7zip or other tools to extract it to some folder of your PC.

Then double click QuickerSMS5Win7.exe to run it.

Quicker SMS 5 PC client program supports:

Of course, you can use multiple devices together with Quicker SMS 5. The more phones attached, quicker speed you get when sending group sms:)


4. Enable Bluetooth COM serial port service

Pair your phone to PC with Bluetooth and run Quicker SMS 5 BlackBerry client program on your phone.

In Bluetooth Devices page of Control Panel, right click your BlackBerry phone and select Properties:

Then select Services tab and check SPP service which is opened on your Quicker SMS 5 BlackBerry client program:

If you can't find "Serial port (SPP) ...." option in above dialog, you may check below:

  1. Bluetooth is enabled on your phone;
  2. Phone is paired to PC with Bluetooth connection;
  3. Run Quicker SMS 5 on your phone and accept all permissions request;


5. Using Quicker SMS 5 PC program.

Open Quicker SMS 5 PC program and select Connect icon to choose same COM port in previous step. Press Connect button and then the Bluetooth connection between phone and PC is established. Now you can use Quicker SMS on your PC ...


6. License Key

Input license key in settings page of Quicker SMS 5 BlackBerry program if not.

If you have no license key, you can use Quicker SMS 5 for 30 days trial with limited functions:

Full Version
Trial Version
Valid period
No limitation
30 days
No limitation
40 seconds delay
No limitation
Every sent ous sms appended ""


7. Purchase

You can pay $28.0 USD to author's PayPal on

Or Visit page below and click Pay Now button to pay.

Then send the PIN of your phone to author's email: to get full license key.


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