How to make Bluetooth connection between Quicker SMS and your PC?

Quicker SMS has been released for about two years and many customer feedback they need connection with Bluetooth on their PC. Now is coming. First, you may check your PC/Laptop to make sure it has an in-built Bluetooth module or you may get a cheap Bluetooth dongle for it. For example, you can buy one from I am using one kind of Bluetooth Dongle as picture below. It is cheap and small. 

Most of this kind of Bluetooth Dongle can just plug and play, Windows will install driver for you automatically. You can just plug the dongle into your PC and then a will appear at the right corner of your desktop:  

This means the Bluetooth module on your PC is ready to use:) If Windows can't recognize your Bluetooth dongle, please refer this page to set up it. After installation is OK, You can double click above Bluetooth icon to see the main screen of Bluetooth setting application:

I will instruct you step by step to connect your phone with Bluetooh in section later.  

1. Install Quicker SMS(Bluetooth version) on your phone

a) OTA Method

This is the easiest way if your phone has mobile data plan.
Just visit with the browser of your phone and find OTA link for Quicker SMS (Bluetooth version)and follow the instructions on your phone to complete the installation.  

b) Intall with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If your phone can't visit internat, you can just download Quicker SMS(Bluetooth version) package link in download page with the browser of your PC. Extract it into a folder on your desktop, then use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to install QSB.alx into your phone as do with other kinds of applications.  

After complete above step a) or b), now you will find Quicker SMS (Bluetooth version) icon on your phone as below:

Click the icon to run it:

Click "Start to listen" to make Quicker SMS(Bluetooth version) phone side program to work:

Last, you should find Quicker SMS (Bluetooth) BlackBerry side program in Options --> Applications, and set all permissions to in order to make it can connect to PC through Bluetooth. Just leave it alone. Lets set up Bluetooth connection and PC side program now.   

2. Install Quicker SMS(Bluetooth version) on Your PC/Laptop

In fact, not install step is needed for Quicker SMS PC side program.
You just download the package from as above step 1 b) and extract files into some folder in your disk. You will find QSB.exe program. This is the main application for Quicker SMS Bluetooth version on your PC side. Just double click it to start up.

OK. Just leave it alone and let's make Bluetooth connections now.  

3. Make Bluetooth connection between PC program and phone program in above.

1) Start Bluetooth service on your phone first

Go to setup folder of phone and open Bluetooth setup icon:

Enable Bluetooth service and click Listen button to wait for connection from PC in below step.

Now go to next step on PC.  

2) Pair your PC with your phone.

Double click Bluetooth icon in the right corner of your Desktop to open Bluetooth manager screen as below:

Click Add... button to open wizard below and select the check box on it:

Then select Next button to find your phone:  

If can't find your phone, please check your phone to make sure it is in listenning state and click Search Again button to search again. Then select your phone icon and click Next button in above picture:

Select "Let me choose my own passkey" and input 4 digital 0 (zero) as password. This password will be used later in your phone. Click Next again:

Now input 4 digital 0 (zero)  as instruction in your phone's screen to complete pair process with phone. Then you will see the complete screen on PC:

Click Finish button and you will find your phone appears in Devices screen:

Select your phone in above picture and click Properities button to set up it:  

In above page, must check SPP item, such as "Serial port(SPP) Quicker SMS COM" in order to open serial port on phone. OK. Bluetooth setting is finished. Now it is time to run QSB.exe program.

3) Run Quicker SMS Desktop Program

Open QSB.exe program and click PHONE icon in Connections tab in order to make connection with serial port in previous stage:

Click Connect button to set up connection with COM14:

Now COM14 has been connected between phone and PC. Status field indicates the connection status(if not OK, then please do steps above again.); If Status is OK,  then PIN field indicates the PIN of the phone connected; Device Number field indicates the phone number of your phone; Phone Model is as it showes; Register Field indicates the application status you are using(FULL:you have got the full license key and the application will be valid forever; TRIAL:you are using evaluation version and it will expire in 7 days; EXPIRED:the trial version has expired and doesn't work now, you may contact to get full license key if you want.);

You can now use Quicker SMS to send out or receive SMS now. Please read reference page "Instructions to use Quicker SMS (Bluetooth version)" for how to send / receive SMS on your PC/Laptop.