Instructions to use Quicker SMS 4 (support both USB cable and Bluetooth)

For making connecton between phone and PC with Bluetooth, please refer "How to make Bluetooth connection between Quicker SMS and your PC" page.  For making connection with USB cable, it is more easier than Bluetooth: make sure you have insalled BlackBerry Desktop Manager in your PC and connect USB cable with phone.

Quicker SMS 4 (PC application) is composed of 5 tabs(see picture below):
  • Connections - manage USB and Bluetooth connections between PC and many BlackBerry phones;
  • Contacts - manage contacts from your phones;
  • Input SMS - input group sms into queue for phone to send out;
  • Queued SMS - a queue contains all SMS to be sent out through your phones;
  • Received SMs - all incoming SMS from phone will be stored here;

    a) Connections

    There are 3 buttons on the top of Connections tab:
    1. Add USB and/or Bluetooth connection with new phone. Quicker SMS supports connect with multiple BlackBerry phones at the same time in order to speed up outgoing sms speed;
    2. Delete some selected connection in the table;
    3. Refresh all information in the table about all connections;

    b) Contacts

    There are 4 buttons on the top of Contacts tab:
    1. Import all contacts information from some connected phone. This only need to be done once for one phone;
    2. Refresh information in the table;
    3. Delete some selected items in the table;


    c) Input SMS

    You can input group SMS in this page and then they will be appended into Queued SMS table to be sent out.  

    d) Queued SMS

    All inputed SMS will be queued in table below automatically and will be sent out when phone is connected with PC with Bluetooth verson.  There are 4 buttons on the top of Queued SMS tab:
    1. Start button to enable queued SMS to be sent out through phone if connection is ready;
    2. Pause button to stop sending out SMS through phone temporarily;
    3. Refresh button to refresh datas in queued SMS table;
    4. Delete button to delete selected item in table;

    e) Received SMS

    When phone is connected with PC with Bluetooth and receive sms feature is enabled in Quicker SMS phone side program, the new SMS will appear on a pop-up dialog on your desktop as picture below. You can also find it in the table of Received SMS tab.


    In order to send out SMS from Quicker SMS, you should connect one phone at least and make its status is OK. Of course, if you want to send out group SMS quickly, you may connect two or more phones at the same time. There is no upper limit of phones you attach with Quicker SMS. The more phones used, more quicker.
    This is very useful for club or bar to send messages to their customers with SMS.