Clock King

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Main Icon of Clock King.
Clock King is an enhanced alarm application for BlackBerry phones which supports multiple alarms with mp3/wma ringtone and .jpg background.
It is a best choice to replace alarm feature in your phone’s Clock application.

Key Features

  1. Supports multiple alarms.
  2. Supports ringtone/vibration/led flashing as Clock application in your phone.
  3. Supports music from your SD card or phone as background sound.
  4. Supports picture from your SD card or phone as background in alarm screen.
  5. Supports many kinds of repeat models: once/minutely/hourly/daily/weekly/weekends/weekdays/monthly/yearly/ and others.
  6. Supports two kinds of beautiful text fonts.
  7. Supports color settings for alarm text.
  8. Supports unlimited alarms in theory.
  9. Supports alarm even in power off mode.
  10. Supports next alarm time reminder on the main screen of your phone.
  11. No background thread/task in your phone to avoid burden to your phone.

Supported Devices

  1. SupportĀ all kinds of BlackBerry phones(OS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 or higher).
  2. Support both QWERTY and TOUCH models.
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