Quicker SMS(Bluetooth only, obsolete)

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Now it is time to release Quicker SMS (Bluetooth) beta version! Though it is beta, I think it is better than Quicker SMS (USB).

If your PC/laptop has in-built Bluetooth module, then you will find it is more easy to use Bluetooth to connect Quicker SMS on your phone than the USB cable.
If there is no in-built Bluetooth module on your PC/laptop, you can just get one from market. It is cheap and useful. You can refer this page to set up Bluetooth between phone and PC.

After set up Bluetooth connection, you can see this article to start up Quicker SMS(Bluetooth) for sending out SMS from your PC through your BlackBerry phone.

Last, you may want to try it first…

Input group SMS quickly.
Send out group sms quickly

Queued SMS to be sent out through your BB
Queued SMS to be sent out through your BB

Receiving SMS from phone and show pop-up dialog on desktop
Receiving new SMS from BB and show up in a pop-up dialog on desktop

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    兄弟 USB版的注册码不能通用是吧!

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