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March 17th, 2019 is a Web based application to send SMS / Text messages through your Android phone or online SMS vendor – Similar to original Quicker SMS for BlackBerry phones, but with more powerful features.
Some special functions:
1. Send / Receive SMS on your Chrome/FireFox/Safari browsers of Linux/PC/Mac through your Android phones;
2. Manage your group contacts and Google contacts online;
3. Send bulk/group SMS on your browser through your Android phones (make use of your mobile SMS plan);
4. Send bulk/group SMS on your browser through mobile vendors — cheap online bulk SMS, event without your phone linked, instead of your phones;
5. Schedule bulk/group SMS to be sent out in appointed time later;


As the first batch of beta users of, you are rewarded free Premium user level for half year from now.​
I​f you have any question or problem with this new application, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.​
Email: to apply for free Premium bonus or visit to try free with Basic user level.
Twitter: @freetextsmsnet
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