Angular Bulk SMS

November 8th, 2016

Web bulk SMS application through Android phones – Similar to original Quicker SMS for BlackBerry phones.

Angular Bulk SMS for Android

I am very glad to invite you as my first user of new upgrading Quicker SMS of BlackBerry application — Angular Bulk SMS for Android,
which is a kind of Web Online Bulk SMS application through your Android phones.

Let me introduce some handy functions here:

1. Send / Receive SMS on your chrome browser of laptop/pc through your Android phones;
2. Manage your group contacts and Google contacts online;
3. Send bulk SMS on your chrome browser through your Android phones (make use of your mobile SMS plan);
4. Send bulk SMS on your chrome browser through mobile vendors — cheap online bulk SMS, event without your phone, instead of your phones; (still in development)
5. Schedule bulk SMS to be sent out in appointed time;  (still in development)

1. Make sure you have a Google account, Angular Bulk SMS integrates with google account login and use google contacts, if have not, you can create one :
2. One Android phone with version 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0, higher;
3. Visit Angular Bulk SMS web application with google Chrome browser : and login with your google account by click button below:
     Allow all pop-up dialogs and login your google accounts in order to link it with Angular Bulk SMS.
4. Install Angular Bulk SMS android application with apk here: this link with your phone to install Angular Bulk SMS Android client.)
5. Use Log in button of Angular Bulk SMS android app to scan 2d bar code in order to log in:
6. Now both you web application and android application are ready for bulk sms.
7. In “SMS”​ menu, you can start SMS conversation online with your friends;
​8. In “Contacts” menu, you can see all your google contacts;
9. In ​”Group Contacts” menu, you can create your own group contacts list and send bulk sms to them;
​10. In “Group SMS”​ menu, you can see history of your sent out bulk sms;


As the first user of Angular Bulk SMS, you are rewarded free use for half year (until the June end of 2017).​
I​f you have any question or problem with this new application, please feel free to let me know. Thanks.​
Twitter: @joegege
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