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Want to read and type SMS/Text Message with your large desktop screen and large keyboard?

Send and receive Android SMS with your beloved web browser, and send cheap group SMS worldwide through virtual mobile vendor! – Web SMS tool for your Android phone is a web-based online SMS/Text Message application paired with your Android phone. Also it supports online SMS service – sending group SMS through mobile vendors to global audiences instead of your Android phone.

  • Link your Android SMS with your browser, such as Chrome/FireFox/Safari on any devices.
  • Supports Group Contacts management.
  • Send online group SMS to your friends through online SMS vendor, even your phone is powered off.
  • Supports scheduled SMS in future data time automatically. - online group sms service to worldwide and local Android phone SMS web solution. – Online SMS Solution for Android Phones

Getting powers from larger keyboard and larger screen

Annoyed with typing on small virtual buttons of touching screen and small fonts on your phone, web application is an convenient tool for you. It gives you a true keyboard typing experience and large screen to edit your text message comfortably.

Remote access your phone client application installed on your Android phone works in background and consumes very little power, but provides very powerful functions. It will notify your new incoming SMS promptly on your web browser. Even you have left your phone at home, you can also read and send SMS on your working browser remotely.

Free local SMS through Android phone and Cheap virtual SMS service worldwide Web SMS application can utilize your mobile SMS plan completely. You can send bulk SMS/group SMS to your friends easily on your browsers immediately or on scheduled date. At the same time, Web SMS application supports virtual mobile SMS service. It is very cheap for your worldwide friends in cheap price and not consume your own mobile SMS plan. Even you can get some free bonus to send SMS through this virtual mobile SMS service.


Visit for more information.


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Quicker SMS version 4.7.5 is ready!

June 26th, 2011 2 comments

Quicker SMS version 4.7.5 is ready!

Now supports importing group contacts from your phone;
supports large amount of data in queued sms tab, and the data is separated in pages;
You can also load group contact text file from disk(format is: phone numbers with semicolon (;));

Recommend all customer to update to new version free.

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Quicker SMS 4.6.1 is released.

May 26th, 2011 No comments

Version 4.6.1: Improve speed when connecting with more than 3 phones; Add Resend button;
Please must update it on your phone and PC.

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Quicker SMS 4.5.4 is released.

May 18th, 2011 No comments

Quicker SMS 4.5.4 is released.
Some important bugs fixed, please must update it.

Version 4.5.4: Fix bug: sending process stop when new sms is coming to PC;
Version 4.5.3: Add option to enable/disable refreshing list view automatically;
Version 4.5.2: Improve stability about receiving incoming sms feature;
Version 4.5.0: …

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Quicker SMS version 4.5.2 is released.

April 16th, 2011 No comments

See more information in this page:




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Future SMS version 2.71 is released. Please must update it.

April 9th, 2011 No comments

Version: 2.71 is released now.
Download it on this page

Update log:

Version 2.71 – Fix a bug: when there is once type scheduled sms, sometimes Future SMS has exception, such as 2>=2, etc,.;
Version 2.55 – If there is some scheduled sms and phone is powered down, then when the scheduled time is up, phone can power on automatically and run Future SMS;
Version 2.15 – Add reminder before exiting automatically;
Version 2.01 – Add some waring when Future SMS go to background to avoid unwanted behavior;
Version 2.00 – Add feature to restore & backup with BlackBerry Desktop Manager;
Version 1.71 – add enable/disable one feature;
Version 1.62 – Fix error when calculating next month of December;
Version 1.51 – ;
Version 1.00 – ;

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Quicker SMS 4.5.0 is ready !

March 29th, 2011 3 comments

Quicker SMS 4.5.0 is released:

  • Add password and other options;
  • Add reply/forward features;
  • Fix some crash bugs;

Update is free!  Enjoy:)


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My first game – Summer Garden for BlackBerry is published. Free trial version available.

June 26th, 2010 No comments

Summer Garden for BlackBerry phone, which is a puzzle game, includes 50 interesting levels.
It will help you consume your spare time:)

Now 10 FREE full license keys are available.
Contact me quickly if you want to get it:)

Main screen of Summer Garden. Downlad it...

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Future SMS 1.71 is available now.

March 19th, 2010 No comments
  1. Implement enable/disable one feature;
  2. Fix “Stop Future SMS” bug: when reboot phone, the feature may invalid;
  3. Not timed sms old than current time to avoid unwanted sending;
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Important update: Future SMS version 1.62 and SMS Statistics version 1.32

January 1st, 2010 No comments

Important update: Future SMS version 1.62 and SMS Statistics version 1.32

Fix a error when calculating next month of December which cause system hang up.

Please all customer who are using these two softwares update to these latest version at least.

Sorry for the trouble.

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